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I've been lifting people's burdens within one or more of these domains since 2008. Let's agree to do the same for you!

Industry 4.0, Teal Organisation, Lean Manufacturing, Operational Excellence, Automation (Finance, Operations, Customer Service), Enterprise Transformation, Digital Transformation, Change Management, Agile Business Transformation, Scrum, Lean Startup, Talent Acquisition & Retention, Innovation Management, Management Consulting, Project & Program Management, Training & Development, Outsourcing, FinTech, EdTech, RegTech, Agile V.C., Private Equity Operations and Investment Due Diligence (Blockchain, A.I., Cybersecurity, IIoT), and Mergers & Acquisitions (PMI, JV, Carve-Out), Interim COO/CFO. 

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Lugano, Switzerland

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